Black Bear – Ursus americanus


The black bear is a commonly found relative in the Snoqualmie Valley. It is vital to the black bear’s lifeway that humans respect and preserve the homeland of the black bear.


Sometimes seen as a pest, black bears can be found rummaging through neighborhood trash cans. It is necessary that human interference with black bears is minimalized during these times. It is recommended that people stay aware of their surroundings, if you find a bear in your backyard.


This means taking care of your backyard and animal feeders, as well as resisting the urge to pull out a mobile device to take photos of the bear. Respecting bears also means establishing healthy boundaries with them and knowing that their level of comfortability with human activity has a direct impact on their survivability.


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Living Snoqualmie Blog - "A Bear Story I Will NOT Share"

Living Snoqualmie Blog – “A Bear Story I Will NOT Share”

Published August 7, 2020

[Reprinted with permission. Article by Daryl Ratajczak wildlife biologist and Instructor at Wildlife for You]

Bear Smart WA - Washington Conservation Society

Bear Smart WA – Washington Conservation Society


Using research to prevent human-bear conflict in WA state, through the promotion of resolution & co-existence, in order to protect black bears, keep them wild, and decrease early mortality. Our long term goal is to become a Western WA Rescue & Rehab for bears needing short-term care.

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