Tribal Community Garden

Project Overview


The Snoqualmie Tribal Community Garden was created as a safe gathering space for the community to connect with each other and our foods.

The garden is installed and waiting for the Tribal Community to be able to gather safely again.

In the meantime, we are focusing on growing foods that can be canned or otherwise preserved so that we can share it at future Tribal events.

If you would like to hear the name “Community Garden” in the Snoqualmie Tribe’s indigenous language, Lushootseed, please listen to the audio provided on this page.

For more information about the Tribal Community Garden, please contact Jennifer Hartke at

"Community Garden" in Lushootseed

Listen to this audio brought to by the Snoqualmie Tribe Culture Department

Spring Camas

This Spring we are noticing so much camas growing on Snoqualmie Tribe’s Administrative Campus. c̓abid, or camas, is an important traditional food for Snoqualmie Tribe. The Tribe's Environmental & Natural Resource Department (ENR) is making efforts to restore camas...

Late Summer Garden Update 2022

There’s always something happening in the garden. This update gives a window into the Snoqualmie Tribe’s Community Garden, the Native Landscape Plantings and the interactions between.

ENR Updates – September 2021

Community Garden Update by Jen Hartke, Snoqualmie Tribe Native Plants Specialist A note to Snoqualmie Tribal Members: This time of year, when the plants are still dry, we are collecting seed from the Community Garden. We have plenty of next year's seeds to share...

ENR Updates – April 2021

Community Garden Update   This year at the Snoqualmie Tribal Garden, we are focusing on growing with preservation in mind so that produce in the garden can possibly be used at future fall events.   This past month peas, beans, and carrots were planted from...

ENR Updates – July 2020

Community Garden Update   The Community Garden is enjoying its first summer with plants and continued projects. Tribal staff across departments have built beds, pathways, and picnic structures.   The Tribe’s Environmental & Natural Resources Dept has...

ENR Updates – April 2020

Community Garden Update   The first group of trees and shrubs have been planted. Stay tuned for updates about when the annual plants will be added to the space!   If you are interested in contributing to this project, please contact Alex Harwell at...

Snoqualmie Tribe Employee Feedback

I likely would use this space for telling stories, drumming and singing where those who pass through might just stop and enjoy or in hopes join in.

The other would be to have a place free from the smokers to make handmade projects.

We could have language classes. There’s so many possibilities.

Angela Wymer

Language Program Manager

I would love to be able to hold group out there sometimes. We also have a Wellbriety group on Friday nights which is a community based self-help like AA but more like an Native American healing circle.

It would be awesome to be able to hold this meeting there as well. Also, with a fire pit there are several “burning” ceremonies we can do but we need a safe place to do so. Not large fires but burning our “resentments” “stories” “letters” “tears” that sort of thing. 

Helena Wahlstrom

Prevention Specialist

I always wanted to see a garden to help tribal members and the community help each other eat healthier.

Also getting people in the recovery programs out to help out so they have a feeling of helping out too.

Being able to grow food for the community and be able to eat fresh.

Wayne Graika

Culture Facilitator

I would love to utilize in the future for youth groups in teaching how to harvest, uses, and deliver to Elders.

Jean Medina

Health & Wellness Compliance Manager

Would love to utilize in the future for youth groups in teachings on how to grow things and a space to teach life skills, etc!

Christa McAllister

Prevention Specialist