Story Maps



The ENR Department began making Story Maps as a form of multimedia education. These Story Maps are made and powered by the ArcGIS StoryMaps program.

Each Story Map tells a different story about the natural world that we share. Follow the links below to each individual Story Map.

For more information regarding these Story Maps, how they were made, or how to use them, please contact our GIS Department at


"Lake Sammamish" Story Map

Lake Sammamish: Restoring Culture and Life back to an Urban Landscape

This story map gives an overview of the Snoqualmie Tribe’s presence and history in the region. The Snoqualmie Tribe has maintained Snoqualmie life-ways that are in connection with the land’s natural balance. At the center of this story is the Tribe’s connection to Lake Sammamish and the ongoing work that is being done to restore the lake’s natural habitat.

We raise our hands and thank our ancestors, elders and teachers who carried this work before us and opened the way for our future work.”

– “Lake Sammamish”

Finding Reciprocity in Restoration: Restoration Practices of the Snoqualmie Indian Tribe

This Story Map demonstrates how restoration is inherently a process of reciprocity. The Snoqualmie Peoples and other local Tribes have been stewards of Western Washington since time immemorial, and that work is still continued today. This Story Map includes a historical perspective as well as before and after views of restoration activity.

“The Snoqualmie Tribe lives by the teachings passed down from our ancestors. We are made with the land, not separate from it. This thought comes from the teaching of always acknowledging those who came before and those still to come. We are who we are today because of those teachers who came before us and we are shaping the future for generations still to come.”

– “Finding Reciprocity in Restoration”

This Story Map is dedicated to the memory of Buzz Cloud, thank you for your passion, dedication, and insight. We strive to honor the legacy of all that have come before us and continue the work today.