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Activity Documents

ENR Activity Brochure 2015

Plant Coloring Book 2016
Original Tribal Artwork by Jason Mullen and McKenna Sweet Dorman. Designed by Environmental and Natural Resources Department.

A Guide to Riparian Restoration in the Snoqualmie River Headwaters Booklet 2017

Kokanee Salmon Workbook 2020
A Kokanee Celebration 2020 Resource brought to you by the Snoqualmie Indian Tribe. This Kokanee Workbook has been made in collaboration between the following Snoqualmie Indian Tribe Departments: Communications & Multimedia Design, Environmental & Natural Resources, and Culture. This workbook is dedicated to sʔilas, the little red fish of Lake Sammamish.

Fishes of the Upper Snoqualmie River
Snoqualmie Falls, with its 268-foot drop, is a natural barrier to salmon, but other important resident fish still live above the falls contributing to a rich ecosystem.

Fishes of the Lower Snoqualmie River
Salmon and related trout play an important role in our local rivers. They bring nutrients from the ocean which feed the streams, forests, and wildlife creating a more vibrant ecosystem.

Native Plant Garden Signs in Lushootseed
Color and decorate your garden with these illustrations and descriptions of pacific northwest native plants and their Lushootseed names.