GIS (Geographic Information Systems)



It is our vision to ensure access to reliable and accurate geospatial information and innovative tools.


Mission & History


The GIS program was established in 2014 as part of the Environmental and Natural Resource Department. Our mission is to provide the continued development and maintenance of the Tribe’s Geographic Information Systems (GIS) through coordination, education, and guidance on the adoption of GIS Technologies for the Snoqualmie Indian Tribe.


GIS technologies are critical tools for improving the quality, accuracy, efficiency, and responsiveness of government services provided by the Tribal administration. GIS works to develop solutions to benefit the decision-making processes throughout the Tribal administration, which assists in achieving the Tribe’s overall mission of improving the health, safety, and quality of the life of the Snoqualmie people.



The ENR Department began making Story Maps as a form of multimedia education. These StoryMaps are made and powered by the Esri software platform.

Each StoryMap tells a different story about the natural world that we share. StoryMaps are a great online tool for educating about specific topics and pairing visual stories with in-depth information or data.

Our Objectives are to:


  • Ensure access to high quality, authoritative data for decision making by maintaining an enterprise GIS that optimizes the use, acquisition and dissemination of GIS data and resources.
  • Create web and static mapping services.
  • Produce high quality, authoritative geospatial data for decision making.
  • Develop standards, policies and practices. 
  • Encourage collaborative GIS efforts among internal and external organizations. 
  • Cultivate the use of GIS. 
  • Pursue the innovative use of GIS technologies.
  • Support emergency and disaster planning, response and recovery.

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