Kokanee Salmon Return Information 2021


The Remote Stream Incubator on Zackuse Creek is up and running. Snoqualmie Tribe staff and WCC crew members have been assisting partners at Trout Unlimited and the Lake Sammamish Kokanee Working Group with monitoring and maintenance of the system since December. In mid-February, kokanee fry were observed to be hatching from eggs placed at the beginning of winter. These eggs were taken from eggs collected from other Lake Sammamish Creeks.


We are hopeful that the remote stream incubator project will help to return Lake Sammamish Kokanee to Zackuse Creek. This is the third year of kokanee supplementation after the removal of the East Lake Sammamish Parkway culvert that previously blocked spawning kokanee from returning to their historic habitat.


Since kokanee salmon take 3 years to mature in Lake Sammamish, we hope to see the first spawners from this program return this fall. The Remote Stream Incubator program is an effort to “jump start” what we hope will be a self-sustaining kokanee run in Zackuse Creek like the one that existed in the past.